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vSphere ESXi 6.8 and 6.9

Today I was preparing some documentation about what's new in vSphere 6.7 U2 and vSphere 6.7 U3

I read the beautiful and useful What's New documents that few read but which are always available online and free.

I'm starting to read the news and one of these is the Virtual Hardware version 15 which allows you to create vm up to 256 CPU.

In addition to this there is a note referencing a KB1003746 and so I click and I see a table with the virtual hardware versions and the products that support that specific virtual hardware version.

On virtual hardware 15 I see 3 versions of ESXi




In fact, I've already seen Amazon ESXi 6.8 on the Cloud, but that there was also a 6.9.1........well....I didn't know that.

As always, the more you know, the more you realize that there is still so much to know!


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