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VMware Cloud Foundation: Which Storage Type

Which types of storage can be used with VMware Cloud Foundation?

First of all we need to distinguish between:

  • Management Domain: vSphere Cluster with vSAN datastore for the following service VMs

In the same Cluster will be created vCenter and NSX Manager for each Workload Domain. NSX Manager (3 VMs) and Edge can be shared between any Workload Domain.

  • Workload Domain: vSphere Cluster for all your Virtual Machine infrastructure

Second, we need to distinguish between

  1. Principal Storage: required to create the Management or Workload Domain

  2. Supplemental Storage: used to add capacity to any domain

So, regarding the Management Domain, it is mandatory to use vSAN as Principal Storage, but you can use any other type of storage as Supplemental Storage.

For any Workload Domain, you can use any type of storage:

  • vSAN

  • FC (Fibre Channel)

  • NFS (Network File System)

  • iSCSI (only as Supplemental Storage)

  • vVols

The image below clarifies the type of storage you can use


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