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VMware vSphere COMPANY PLUS video course

The COMPANY PLUS version represents the DYNAMIC VIDEO COURSE and consists of 150 increasing lessons and includes:

  • All the video lessons of the COMPANY version
  • Usable from any device and with Mobile APP
  • Comments area for questions and answers
  • Interactive webinar at the end of the course live with the teacher
  • Adding additional videos on request or Analysis of your infrastructure or that of your customer

Lessons are on the rise as you can request additional product videos to explore all the various options.

This version is designed to form Team of People and keep their Systems Engineers up to date

For this the formula pay 2 and get 3 accounts is available.

When purchasing, enter 3 quantities and use the discount code "3X2COMPLUS"

If you need more Accounts SEND an email to or Fill out the Form under CONTACT ME to receive a tailor-made offer.

VMware vSphere COMPANY PLUS video course

€1,287.00 Regular Price
€987.00Sale Price
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