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vSphere 8 Enhanced Recovery of vCenter


One of the new features of vSphere 8 is the Enhanced Recovery of vCenter. But where is the "Enhanced"? Let me explain.

Imagine that you have done a file-level backup of your vCenter every Sunday or a simple image backup.

The next Monday you add 3 nodes to your cluster. On Friday night you have a crash💥and you make a vCenter restore.

The problem is that the last backup was on Sunday and you have added nodes to the Cluster in the meantime.

Who is now the source of truth❓ vCenter or Cluster❓🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

With the new concept of Distributed Key-Value Store (DKVS), cluster state persists in ESXi hosts and vCenter will query the DKVS to check whether there is a difference in the cluster configuration and replaces its values from the DKVS. So the source of truth is the Cluster and not the vCenter.

In this way you will find the cluster with all your nodes even if your backup was done before adding nodes.


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