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vSphere 8 DPU

One of the news of #vSphere 8 is the use of DPU!!! (Data Processing Unit)

No....not CPUs...….no...…not even GPUs...…but DPU!!

But what exactly are DPU? They are SmartNICs (PCIe) with ARM CPU and a Programmable Accelerator with the following characteristics:

1) One RJ45 Management Ethernet

2) Two or more ports ranging from 10Gb to 100Gb

3) Local storage which allows for users to install software as #ESXi

4) Run network and storage services, saving x86 CPU cycles. 🔥That's why performance is improved.

5) Isolate network traffic as a result of running network services at the DPU level. 🔥That's why you get more security

6) Lifecycle Manager Integration: with vLCM you can remediate the ESXi installation on a DPU

To use DPU (Data Processing Unit) you need to:

1) use #vsphere 8 and/or #nsx

2) buy a DPU

3) activate it through #vmware#vsphere Distributed Switch ver. 8

Below the architecture of DPU


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