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VCSA Root Password Expired

Today, I powered on my Home Lab after some weeks. I started the two vCenters, version 7 and version 8, which are connected to each other, and the classic banner appeared, indicating that there were new updates to be performed on both vCenters. I then accessed port 5480 and entered the root user and password. However, I encountered an error message and couldn't log in. The issue was that the root password had expired. Typical issue if you do not change the default password policy or you don't set up an email alert. So, how can I resolve the problem? Before VCSA 6.7 update 1, you need to reboot the appliance and change boot option. The interesting thing I discovered is that there is a faster procedure to reset the root password if you have a VCSA 6.7 update 1 or higher. The new procedure is as follows: 1) I can connect to the vCSA console not only with the root user, but also with administrator@vsphere.local and its corresponding password. 2) At that point, I enable the SSH service. 3) I connect via SSH using the administrator@vsphere.local user. 4) I enable the shell with the command "shell.set --enable true". 5) Then I launch the shell with the "shell" command. 6) I enter the command "sudo passwd root". 7) I enter the new password. Now, without need to restart the vCenter and change Boot settings (the old method), I have successfully changed the password and I can start the update.


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